Character Creation

1. Class:
I recommend starting with this. What kind of character do you want to play?
*The Skull and Shackles Players Guide has some good suggestions for pirate versions of several classes.
All pathfinder classes, prestige classes, and archetypes are allowable, except:
*No psionics.
*No gunslingers.
*3rd party or conversion from D&D 3.5? Pitch me your idea. My answer will depend mostly on ease of integration with the rest of the game and players.
*Don’t worry about what everyone else is playing, there are enough NPC’s to fill in any holes. Play something that will be fun for you.

2. Race
Pick a race with good attributes for your class.
(Rogues will generally look for a race with bonuses to dexterity, for example.)
This is not a rule so much as a guideline. If you wanna play a character that chose an odd profession for his race (and tends to be a little less good at it), that’s fine too.
*All core races are fine.
*All featured races are fine.
*Uncommon races & Races from the Advanced Race Guide?
CR 1/2 or Race Points less than 11 are fine. (On par with the other races)
CR 2-3, or RP 11-20? I’ll probably cut some of your abilities to start, and make you take them as feats when you advance in level. Yes, you will get fewer feats because of this, but you’ll eventually get those cool racial abilities you wanted.
*Make sure to look over special traits, feats, and class archetypes for your race in the ARG. (I can get you a copy if you tell me which race)

3. Attributes
Method I— Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest number— 7×.
Keep the 6 best numbers.
(I will ask you to do this on Paizo’s dice roller— I’ll show you how.)
Method II—- 25 point build from this chart:
(Yes, you can try Method 1 and see what happens first.)
“7” costs -4
“8” costs -2
“9” costs -1
“10” costs 0
“11” costs 1
“12” costs 2
“13” costs 3
“14” costs 5
“15” costs 7
“16” costs 10
“17” costs 13
“18” costs 17

*Then add your racial bonuses to your attributes.

4. Feats
Choose the Appropriate number for your class and race.
Everything on Pathfinders Feat list is acceptable.

5. Traits

6. Alignment
*Preferred Alignments are Chaotic Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Neutral, and True Neutral.
*If you wish to play a lawful character, explain to me why they want to be a pirate (not a privateer.)
*If you wish to play an evil character, explain to me how they will play well with the other characters. I will allow your character to engage in whatever mischief, but if you get caught, and the others decide to use you as shark bait… I will also allow that. So try to come up with a character that’s fun for the other players too.

7. 5 Character Build Points (something I borrowed from another GM)

8. Pick Spells, Weapons, and Skills

9. Give yourself maximum HP for your class, and add (or subtract) your Con bonus.

10. Give yourself minimum gold for your class at first level
*Go ahead and buy gear “normally.” GM hint— it will all be taken away, but you will have a chance to get it back…eventually.

*In addition to the above, you will be allowed to keep one small, overlooked item. It can be either a small masterwork item such as a holy symbol, thieves tools, or weapon or… a gem or piece of jewelry worth 200gp. Yes, you must be able to hide it on your person, Daniel. If you can demonstrate via webcam how you will hide the grappling hook, you may keep it. Yes, Doug your rat can hide himself on or near you. We won’t explore those details too closely. Or… you can recruit a familiar once on board. There will be candidates available—some of them fly or swim. Spellbook stored on a mw thumbdrive? Er, sure. But you’ll have to wait a good while to come across a reading device, 300-400 years. Otherwise wizards are SOL for a while. Sorry.

11. Hero Points (one-use luck points, to make an impossible shot, or… not die, for example.)

  • Everyone gets one at 1st level, and one at every new level.
  • You get a second one if you write a good character background. 3 paragraphs or more about where you’re from, why you’re here, how you discovered your talents, friends/family/enemies, etc.
  • Other Hero Points will be awarded for doing things that are especially clever, or for making the GM laugh hard.

12. Character History
At least 3 paragraphs about where you’re from, why you’re in Port Peril, how you discovered your talents, friends/family/enemies, etc.

13. Create a Character Sheet.

  • If you have Hero Lab, post your character sheet both on Obsidian Portal and Paizo.
  • If you do not have Hero Lab, contact me with your stats, and I will make a character sheet for you.

Character Creation

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