Play by Post Guidelines

For all the following examples, wherever you see { }, you should type [ ] instead.

Check in Regularly
*Consensus seems to be at least 3-4 times per week.
*Try to check in more often if we’re in combat, to keep things moving.
*If you’re going to be away for a few days, let me know, and I’ll run you as an NPC until you get back.

This is a great forum for exposition
Please feel free to elaborate about the whats and whys of your character.

Things your character SAYS should be in BOLD
You do that as follows, except square brackets instead of fancy ones.
{b}Watch out!{/b}

Things your character thinks should be in Italics
As follows:
{i}How did I get myself into this mess?{/i}

Out of character things should be done like so… it will appear as blue text.*
{ooc}Do I get to add my dexterity bonus to that? I have the weapon finesse feat. {/ooc}

  • If its a longer post or not relevant to the current action— You can also use the Discussion Page instead. ie…“I just wanted to let you guys know I’ll be on vacation next week. Could you run my character? In the following situations she’ll do this…”

Dice Rolling
{dice}1d20+3{/dice} or {dice}3d6+1{/dice} or {dice}1d20, 1d4{/dice}

Spoilers (Things you hide so not everyone can read or to save room.)
{spoiler=Perception Check 20}There’s a glint of gold under a loose board{/spoiler}
Your character would then need to make a 20 perception roll to be allowed to read the spoiler. Honor System.

There are a number of other features at the bottom of Paizo’s board, under a button marked “Show”.

Play by Post Guidelines

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