Ambrose Fishguts Kroop

Wormwood Cook Friendly


“It’s poison, this ship, but don’t let anyone hear you say it aloud. The hull listens, see, and the cap’n hears it all. Poison the Wormwood is, though, rotten to the core. You’ll not meet a more nasty, sour piece of work than Cap’n Harrigan in all your days at sea, and his crew’s the same, ’specially the first mate, Mr. Plugg. Vicious little sod, he is. He’d take his own mother’s
liver to the butcher to make pies with, he would. But they leave me alone, mostly. They know I can’t ’arm ’em.”


Ambrose Kroop is the ship’s cook, nicknamed “Fishguts”
by the crew, though whether this refers to the contents
of his soups or the stains on his apron is unclear. His
job is to bring the ship’s biscuit on deck at dawn for the
crew, and prepare and serve the evening meal.

Ambrose Fishguts Kroop

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